McIvor Abilities Checklist (MAC)

Note: For MAC-EC, Click Here.

MAC Video Overview


Forms- PC Version

If student has the same teacher for English and math, use Form 1:



If student has a different English and math teacher, use Form 2:



Forms- Mac Version

For Mac computer users, watch this 2 minutes video tutorial first.

If student has the same teacher for English and math, use Form 1:



If student has a different English and math teacher, use Form 2:



Forms- Paper Version

If student has the same teacher for English and math, print Form 1:


If student has a different English and math teacher, print Form 2:



1. Right click on your desktop and create a new folder.


2. Name this folder “MAC” and press enter.


3. Open each of the four forms. Click enable editing/content for each of the four forms.  Save As to the MAC folder. 



4. The folder should look like this.



5. Open and fill out PC1W.  (For Mac Computer, fill out MAC1W)



6. Highlight the first table and press Ctrl-C to copy.


7. Open PC1X and press Ctrl-V to paste into cell B4. (For Mac Computer, open MAC1X)


8. Highlight and copy the second table.


9. Paste into cell K4.


10. Copy cell P4 and paste into a new Microsoft Word document.


In Microsoft Word, open a new document (Ctrl-N).  Then press Ctrl-V to paste and your report is written.  Form 2 works the same way as Form 1.


It is recommended that the teacher and school psychologist complete the MAC together.  While the teacher reads and answers questions, the school psychologist types in each response.  Any answers to follow up questions should be written at the bottom of the checklist where it says additional comments.

Final Thoughts About the MAC

The MAC is incredibly flexible and powerful because of the large amount of advanced Excel formulas coded in.  These Excel formulas have been checked and rechecked for hours to ensure that the MAC is accurate and reliable.  However, it is still recommended that you proofread each report and check the report with the teacher’s ratings for each student.  This is the only way to 100% guarantee that the Excel formulas worked correctly for a particular student.  As you’ll see in other tutorials, you’ll know that this is not just recommended for the MAC, but for any report that utilizes Excel functions and links.  Any updates to the MAC will be reported on’s Facebook page as well as on Twitter. Leave a comment below if you have questions, comments, concerns, or a problem to report. Thank you for using the MAC.

10 Comments on “McIvor Abilities Checklist (MAC)

  1. This tool is amazing! Thank you for freely sharing. I cannot imagine the time and effort to set up. I have been working to set up something similar and now I don’t need to. This tool with save me so much time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. HI just wanted to say this is great. I been using links, mail merge and text substitutes, as a way to shorten my report time for a few years and I still found your other videos helpful. but this is one is just amazing. Im at a bilingual school and have to usually do something like this for both spanish writing and reading. Is there anyway to add extra classes . or should I just give the questionnaire to an extra person.

    thanks again Andrés

    1. Hi Andres,
      I’m so glad you’ve found the MAC helpful. When giving the checklist to more teachers, I’d simply give the MAC Form 1 to each individual teacher. Hope this helps!

      1. HI Timothy,

        so I hope it is ok I, changed your template some in order to fit my school bilingual model a bit better. Also given that half my school have macs and the other half have pc but we are all a google doc user, I also changed it into a google sheet. my plan is to have the teachers fill it out individually before my 1st RTI meeting with them. using the google sheets makes it easy to just send it and be notified when It’s completed. I also added the additional comments section to show up in the paragraphs. here is a link to a copy of the template im using

        I hid all the other pages and looked everything except the areas they need to fill out. so the teachers only see the first page and fill that out.

        so before I start using it I just wanted to make sure it was ok with you that I did those changes


  3. Your work is incredible! I can’t get over how well thought out it is in terms of writing more efficiently but still making it authentic.

    I love the MAC but am trying to figure out how to optimally use it. It’s generally intended to be a screen as potential issues arise?

    Thank you so much for sharing all of your hard work so freely! I am truly appreciative!


  4. Thank you Candace! I use it during my teacher interviews for students I’m evaluating. We get a lot of information from assessments about how students compare to national norms, and the MAC helps supplement that by providing comparisons to peers in their classroom.

    Thanks again for the kind words,

  5. I am not a school psychologist, I am an occupational therapist, but with a few modifications, your tutorials and forms have been an amazing resource for me. Thanks so much for making this info available. You are taking hours of paperwork off my plate, so I can spend even more time actually providing treatment sessions to the students on my caseload.

    1. Thanks for posting Kim, you made my day! I have thought the same thing that speech/language pathologists and others who spend time writing repetitive reports can really benefit from this.

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