General FAQ

  • How can help me renew my NCSP? is a NASP-Approved Provider. You will receive a certificate documenting NASP-Approved CPD credit for every webinar that you complete. A 1-hour webinar provides you with 1 NASP-Approved CPD credit. Per NASP, renewing your NCSP requires the following: “NCSPs must obtain 75 hours of CPD every three years, with 10 hours coming from NASP- or APA-approved providers, and with 3 hours in the category of ethics or legal regulation in school psychology.” provides 3 hours of ethics and over 10 hours of webinar content. This means you can obtain all 10 hours at your convenience through on-demand webinars from

  • How does the pricing work? charges $25 dollars per webinar, which can all be found on Upon purchasing the webinar, you have access to it for a full year. charges $59 dollars for the online course titled: The Science of Happiness for School Psychologists. This course has been created by Dr. Rebecca Branstetter and can be found on UPDATE: As a way to support school psychologists during the COVID-19 pandemic, all webinars are on sale at 40 percent off.

  • How can I access the webinars I purchased at a later time?

    You can access your webinars at any time by going to Then hover your mouse over Webinars in the menu and click My Webinars. Log in (skip this step if you are already logged in) and you should see the course to click on and access. Our users rarely ever experience technical difficulties, but if you experience technical difficulties, try doing the steps listed above on a different web browser. The cache or cookies of one’s web browser may possibly interfere with the functionality of the website, but this is easily solved by switching web browsers.

  • How quickly is a certificate of completion available after I complete the webinar?

    The certificate is auto-generated 24 hours after you finish completing the evaluation feedback of the webinar.

  • I have completed a webinar. How do I obtain my certificate?

    You can access your certificates at any time by going to the menu of and under Webinars, click My Certificates. documents your name, date completed, title and speaker of the webinar, and the number of NASP-Approved CPD credits/hours you received. The certificate is auto-generated 24 hours after you finish completing the evaluation feedback of the webinar.

  • Are there any upcoming presentations on

    Yes! We are in the initial stages of working on new webinars. When new webinars come out, all of the details will be posted on our social media pages (Search on Facebook; @schoolpsychdcom on Twitter; and @schoolpsych_com on Instagram).

  • Is currently looking for new presenters? is not taking on any new presenters at this time. We are already collaborating with various speakers and are in the process of working on new webinars.

  • Do you provide closed captioning?

    Upon request, we will provide closed captioning for any webinar on To request this, email and ask for closed captioning for the specific webinar(s) you intend to purchase. We will provide closed captioning for the requested webinar within 30 days of your request.

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    For further questions, contact

    For further questions, contact