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Posting Scores on Social Media


Consulting with other school psychologists is an absolute must when it comes to discussing complex cases.  As a school psychologist in the Clark County School District, I’m lucky enough to be working with 180 other school psychologists as well as an assigned school psychologist supervisor and mentor.  Although easy for some school psychologists like me, consultation is much more difficult for those with little to no other school psychologists in their district.  Thus, as you’ll see on various online school psychology forums, school psychologists are posting scores and asking for advice when it comes to these complex cases.

When posting scores on these online school psychology forums, it is a first priority to remember our ethical responsibility to ensure the confidentiality of the students we discuss.  Therefore, not revealing any identifying information is of quintessential importance. Furthermore, we must protect the integrity of tests by not divulging information that would infringe upon test security.  With this in mind, here are three different online school psychology forums that school psychologists are using to help gain advice:

School Psychology Forum on Facebook

The School Psychology Forum is an extremely popular group on Facebook with over 4,000 members. If you’re on Facebook and you haven’t joined the group, I’d highly recommend it.  School psychologists are holding discussions on a wide range of topics, and because of the strong popularity of the group, you’ll get your questions answered both quickly and thoroughly.  

School Psychology Forum was once a public group but is now private, meaning that you have to request access from the moderator of the group to join and view discussions.  One of the biggest advantages to consulting about complex cases on this group is the large number of viewers in the group.  Don’t be surprised if you get over 10 responses about how to approach your case.  

School Psychology Lounge On Facebook

School Psychology Lounge is also a private group on Faceboooks.  It is meant specifically for school psychologists to have discussions with other school psychologists, so not everyone is able to join the group.  Although the School Psychology Lounge is smaller (around 1,000 members), some prefer this forum due to them being more strict about who they accept into the forum.

NASP Communities

NASP Communities is available only to NASP Members, which allows for conversations almost entirely among school psychologists.  These conversations are private for they can only be viewed and discussed by NASP Members. The discussions vary greatly in topic, and there are different communities you can subscribe to based on your interest.  Some of the advantages are the large number of discussions and responses to questions as well as all responses need to be approved by a NASP moderator.  Thus, NASP Communities is, in my opinion, the best forum for consulting with other school psychologists.


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