You are currently viewing Dr. Cipani Delivered an OUTSTANDING Presentation on Here are 80 RAVE REVIEWS From Attendee Feedback

Dr. Cipani Delivered an OUTSTANDING Presentation on Here are 80 RAVE REVIEWS From Attendee Feedback

Dr. Cipani presented a live webinar for on 3/14/2022. He presented on Practical Tips for School Psychologists When Completing Functional Behavioral Assessments for one hour, and his presentation received many rave reviews. In addition to his engaging presentation style and practical content, many commented on the helpful resources that he provided. This included a 79-page manual titled The Cipani Behavioral Classification System For Children and Adolescents Diagnostic Manual (3rd edition).

After the presentation, attendees were asked to complete an evaluation feedback form. This included providing an overall rating of the webinar on a 1-5 scale (1/5: Very Poor; 2/5: Poor; 3/5: Fair; 4/5: Good; 5/5: Excellent). Attendees were given a text box to optionally provide more information. The feedback provided was almost universally positive. Here is a synthesis of the overwhelmingly positive comments:

  1. Engaging, dynamic speaker and informative presentation on FBA’s
  2. Some commented on having seen him at NASP previously and loved his workshop
  3. Liked the free manual that serves as a guide
  4. Important topic given all the problem behaviors encountered in today’s schools
  5. Knowledgeable on topic
  6. Good pace and delivery
  7. Liked the use of real-life examples form his lengthy experience in the field

Below are 80 rave reviews from attendees. Each of these attendees gave a 5/5 (Excellent) rating. Please note that there were significantly more attendees than 80 who gave a 5/5 (Excellent) rating. In the evaluation feedback, some opted to not give their consent to share their feedback, so none of those who chose that option are shown below:


“The presenter was very knowledgeable and relatable. He was down to earth and passionate about supporting behavior change. I appreciate that he made his resources free. He was very thorough with his presentation. I only wish that the presentation was longer and covered more information as he was such a great presenter!” – Melissa, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“This was the most practical FBA training I have been to. The handouts and real life examples were very helpful.” – Molly, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“I really enjoyed this FBA training-as pointed out, sometimes we are expecting too much from kids and only looking for compliance when we need to be digging for the root cause of the behavior. Great tools to add to my toolbox-thanks for providing that all to us at no cost!” -Marissa, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“Dr. Cipani was very knowledgeable about behaviors and described them in a way that was easy to understand.” Selena, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“Excellent presentation and review of behavior principles! The content was presented concisely and applied to real world circumstances. The materials shared are helpful as well.” – Jennifer, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“I really enjoyed that Dr. Cipani covered why a student may escape contingencies (e.g., too lengthy of instruction, too difficult material). A lot of FBAs just focus on escape rather than why the student is escaping. I also appreciate that Dr. Cipani provided us with materials to use in our practice.” – Emma, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“The presentation did a great job about teaching school psychologists about better ways to conduct FBAs.” – Amanda, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“Great content and resources that I can implement right away. Thank you!” – Shari, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“Speaker was knowledgeable and well spoken. I liked his used of visuals and examples.” – Ashley, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“Presented in a way that was intriguing and kept the viewer interested.” – Paola, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“It was very easy to understand. I appreciate the handouts.” – Julie, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“Very practical information and tools that could be utilized immediately in my school setting. The use of examples and providing attendees with resources that are immediately available for our use was also very beneficial and appreciated.” – Shannon, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“Very clear information presented that is practical and actionable.” – Sara, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“I appreciate the practical nature of this presentation and use of the manual. It was great! Thanks!” -Dianne, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“At the very end, the outside validation of the FBA book authored by Dr. Cipani was impressive. Thank you for “misting us” with “Difficulty and Duration” rather than being blasted by a firehose in a typical FBA seminar. I am sure your 2-3 hour webinar is more substantial, however, I suspect your presentation is similar, in manageable small bites.” – Renata, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“Very clear and relevant to every day classroom life.” – Danielle, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“I LOVED the example/ case study scenario! Please consider a full day workshop.” – Rachel, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“Clarity in presenting content- straightforward, concrete examples.” – Cheryl, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“This presentation was very useful, as I have many FBA’s to write this year.  I thought the presentation was great.” – Amanda, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“I LOVED the presentation!” -Michal, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“Great clarity and use of time. Handouts were very helpful. For the limited amount of time allotted this was a very informative presentation. I would enjoy a longer webinar on this topic.” – Felicia, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“Relatable material that was easy to connect with and understand” – Kristin, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“This presentation really did provide practical tips for FBAs! I do feel more equipped to actually identify the most common functions of behavior in the classroom and I am excited to put these tips into practice.” – Elena, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“I appreciated the clarity of the material!” – Stephanie, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“I enjoyed the access to materials and resources as well as the idea to “say something if you learn something” and share the tools discussed. I enjoyed this! Thank you!” – Nina, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“I was very applicable to what I see every day working in elementary schools.” – Jill, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“Material was concisely presented with practical examples.” – Irfat, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“Ability to relay practical experiences and engage the audience with meaningful information. I would love more from this presenter, especially given the uptick in children presenting with dysregulation.” Danielle, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“Thought it was great! The presenter was clear in his explanations of conducting solid FBAs.” – Stephanie, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“Dr. Cipani obviously knows his stuff in this area. I enjoyed the presentation.” – Courtney, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“I appreciated having the PowerPoint and being able to print the slides to take notes. I appreciate all of the handouts provided, manual and video. I feel that the way Dr. Cipani documents behaviors utilizing his ABC chart is much easier to understand, and it flows better.” – Lorena, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


It was a great presenter and great content.” -Kathryn


“The presentation was straight to the point and very informative. I liked how Dr. Cipani explained what escape behaviors look like and gave practical examples.” – Rosemary, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“Thanks for a great session! I appreciate the clear, helpful and brief presentation. I can’t believe I’m writing this, but I wish the session was longer!” -Kathryn


“I appreciate the tools that were provided in the handouts and the resources he provided. Dr. Cipani was knowledgeable and very informative.” – Stephanie, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“Presenter was very knowledgeable on this topic, it was very interesting to hear his perspective. The webinar was great, thanks!” – Amy, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“Good examples, great resources provided” – Carrie, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“Confident and thorough.” – Robin, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“It was very well done and an hour was just the right amount of time. I appreciated the actual case examples.” – Deborah, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“Clearly knowledgeable about this approach. He provided very specific examples and ways of utilizing the strategies.” – Holly, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“Great details and well explained” – Luz, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“Very engaging, many helpful resources (handouts) shared.” – Alexa, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“I think the ABC layout was user friendly and makes sense in order to assess the function of the behavior.” -Tiffany, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“To be such a short presentation there were many resources provided.” – Laura, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“The presentation gave lots of engaging examples.” – Melody, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“Engaging, informative” – Ashley, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“I loved the way he told us to dig deeper…from a bottom up approach. My take away was the difficulty and duration information that he shared.” – Jessica, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“The presentation provided me concrete steps in conducting on the spot assessments when the behavior is occurring.” – Aileen, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“It was evident that the presenter was well informed on the topic and he covered pertinent points while giving enough background/detail to help the viewer have a good understanding of the topic.” – Jordyn, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“I think this was great and appreciate the handouts!” – Autumn, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“Great presenter! He was very clear and organized in his presentation style so it was easy to follow and learn new skills. The handouts are fantastic!” – Ricia, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“Great, tangible information” – Taylor, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“The presenter’s knowledge and pace were great. The information was clear and timely (given that many of us see an increase in behavior needs). Dr. Cipani made everything immediately practical and useful. I walked away with new information that I can use today.” – Eric, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“Engaging dynamic presenter” – Leora, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“It was concise and had great examples. The presenter was very clear, organized, and very engaging! I also am glad they attached materials to the presentation.” – Lillian, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“I enjoyed the use of real life stories to help better understand the strategies.” -Kayla, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“I enjoyed the real life examples. I liked how he broke down the observations well before the behavior of concern to really look at what is causing the behaviors. I even liked the questions that were prompted. It was interesting to see where others are spending their time. I thought it was unusual that others completed FBA’s so quickly but I think a better understanding for this difference in time is if you’re just doing the FBA vs. the FBA Process (where you not only determine the function, but you collect data, implement an intervention, data collect on that intervention). We have to do the whole process for our kiddos so it does take more than 6 hours. I spend at least an hour in the classroom, plus talk to the kid, teachers, parent, etc. data collect; time adds up quickly.” – Amanda, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“The presenter provided helpful examples. The amount of material covered was well-matched to the length of the webinar; I felt that the presenter was able to go into detail while still covering all the information he intended. I appreciate the handouts!” – Liora, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“Great presentation that was specific and provided excellent examples when completing FBAs.” – Margaret, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“Well thought out, very knowledgable presenter, easy to listen to, loved the examples to make it more practical and applicable. Thank you!” – Laurie, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“He provided great examples.” – Tiffany, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“Dr. Cipani was very clear and offered practical approaches to behavior analysis.” – Marilyn, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“Strong with examples and helpful with providing practical solutions.” – Alaynna, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“Presenter used clear cut examples of the concepts” – Amy, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“Interesting information that can actually be applied to the job. Very realistic examples as well – makes it easier to understand.” – Sierra, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“Everything was great! Easy to access and follow” – Karen, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“Very engaging, many helpful resources (handouts) shared.” – Alexa, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“I thought the presentation was engaging to the viewers.” -Reid, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“Succinct and precise” – Angel, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“The presentation was focused and to the point. The presenter did a wonderful job of communicating the information in a clear and direct manner. I just wish it was longer and more in depth! It was a great learning experience!” – Rebecca, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“This was awesome. I loved the ABC chart. I love the practical language that is used. I can’t wait to read and learn more. Thank you!!!” – Marjorie, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“This was a great presentation. I would have liked to have more time to learn but look forward and appreciate the handouts provided.” – Melissa, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“I enjoyed this presentation and I look forward to reading the provided PDF. Thank you!” – Katie, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“I appreciated Dr. Cipani’s real-world examples and resources to learn more on this topic.” – Corey, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“I watched this presenter at NASP in February and I enjoy his excitement when he presents. I learned about a different approach on how to collect data in an FBA that I never would have thought about before.” – Samantha, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“Great presentation about how to effectively write an FBA.” – Kelsey, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“I had not considered duration of assignments/instruction as a reason for escape so that gave me some great information to think about. One hour is the perfect amount of time in these busy days, but more webinars on this topic would be great.” – Wendy, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“The presentation clearly gave ways to determine if instructional level (difficulty of work) or the wacky contingency is the apparent difficulty for a student. Instructor was engaging and material was accessible.” – Todd, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“This was the first time I have learned of this method of conducting FBA’s and I believe the bottom up approach is a strength.” – Myracle, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating


“Dr. Cipani is personable and offered tips and language on how to share and explain this information to non-behavior people, which was helpful. Even the simple idea of really quickly evaluating a child’s academic proficiency and ruling that in/out is a helpful reminder, as well as how easy it can be done.” – Danielle, 5/5 (Excellent) Rating

Dr. Cipani read through the evaluation feedback and had the following to say. “I wanted one last time to express my appreciation for your time in attending my webinar through I also want to thank the many people who who wrote very nice feedback comments in regards to their evaluation of the content/experience, as well as my passion for the topic. I am truly grateful.

I’ll end this note with a thought: Learn something, say something (to many others)”


If you are interested in watching the recorded version of this webinar, please click here.

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