Organize Your Caseload: Preview


Full Tutorial



Download this document for the list of formulas shown in the tutorial.


Excel Document

Download this document for the Excel workbook used in the tutorial.


 Excel Formula For Calculating Age

Final Notes:

This tutorial has been conducted using fake student information. This tutorial was conducted on a PC, meaning if you're using a Mac, the layout may look differently.  For example, there may be different steps to plug in a formula into conditional formatting.  If this is the case, simply watch an additional Youtube tutorial on how to navigate through conditional formatting using your specific version of Microsoft Excel. Regarding part 3, there is an alternative way to shade every other row rather than what was demonstrated in the tutorial.  On a PC, you can click the "Format as Table" option, which is right next to the conditional formatting button. On a Mac, depending on the version, it is likely to be in the Tables tab, then Table Styles. This can also be used to sort information and is a great tool to familiarize yourself with. 

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