Wild Apricot

Wildapricot.com is used to help associations create their own website.  It helps you organize and track membership, record finances, create a members-only section, and a lot more.  From personal experience, I can say that Wild Apricot is very user-friendly when it comes to building your own website.  NVASP.org is the website I created using Wild Apricot if you’d like to see an example.  If you do get confused while creating a website on Wild Apricot, they have a video tutorial for just about every feature on their website.  Plus you can try it out for free for a month.

Can you design a website using WordPress or other website builders to create your state association’s website?  Of course.  But Wildapricot is specifically designed for creating websites for small associations, so unlike wordpress, you don’t need a lot of background experience designing websites.  As seen in NVASP.org, a logo and pictures of the Board members is certainly good content for your website. If your state association does not have a logo, watch the tutorial I made on how to create one.  

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