Telehealth in the schools has been rapidly expanding in a range of professions, including school psychology. However, most school psychologists are unaware of how telehealth can be practiced and what issues are raised when services become virtual. This webinar will go over the basic practice of telehealth in the schools and what school psychologists need to consider before they become telehealth providers. Please note that this webinar may be recorded for future use, but attendees’ names and activity (i.e. answering poll questions) will not be displayed in the screen recording.

Webinar Skill Level: Introductory

Short Bio:

Dr. Dan Florell is an Associate Professor in the School Psychology Program at Eastern Kentucky University and has a private practice. His research focuses on how technology impacts adolescents and the practice of school psychology. In addition, he writes about technology issues as the NASP Online Communication Coordinator for the Communique and is the NASP Historian.