School Theme Songs

Creating a school theme song that combines positive behavioral expectations with school spirit is a great way to boost morale.  These songs could be used at an end of the year graduation where the students give a live performance of the song to their parents.  The music teacher at your school could perform the musical piece to the song while the students sing.  Therefore, the music teacher plays a big part in helping pick the song.  However, don’t just limit the idea to the music teacher.  See if you can get the whole school involved.  These types of ideas are contagious as many school staff members and students want to be apart of fun ideas.  In general, try to pick a popular song.  This makes the song easier to learn if students and staff are already familiar with the tune.  For example, when I was working in Boston, the Principal at my school chose to write lyrics to the song of Sweet Caroline, a song that is well-known to Boston because it is played at Red Sox games.  Overall, this is a fun idea that can reinforce positive behavioral expectations through the lyrics of the song.


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