Dr. Branstetter’s Webinar

A common conversation between teacher and school psychologist is about students exhibiting difficulty with executive functioning and suspected of having ADHD. Here to guide school psychologists is Rebecca Branstetter, Ph.D., the author of several books on this topic. In this practical, informative webinar, attendees will learn the 10 most important executive functions that students need to be successful independent learners. Dr. Branstetter will list practical tools for teaching three critical executive functioning skills to students that school psychologists can use in consulting with teachers and parents. Attendees will also be able to identify strategies to utilize in RtI and pre-referral interventions for students with executive functioning deficits. Dr. Branstetter will conclude with some helpful resources to learn and sharpen your skills further. Attendees who complete the webinar will receive 1 NASP-Approved CPD credit.

Short Bio:

Rebecca Branstetter, Ph.D., is a California certified Psychologist in private practice as well as a School Psychologist in the San Francisco Bay Area. Dr. Branstetter assesses and counsels children and adolescents with learning and emotional challenges in the public schools and in private practice. Dr. Branstetter has also published several books for parents and professionals on supporting struggling students, particularly those with attention and executive functioning challenges. She authors the popular blog, Notes from the School Psychologist, which provides advice for working with diverse learners.