Thinking Creatively About SEL & Restorative Practices

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Across the nation, school districts are moving towards implementing social emotional learning (SEL) and restorative practices. However, many educators still have questions such as what is SEL? What are restorative practices? How do we implement restorative practices? Many school psychologists are also attempting to figure out their role with implementing SEL and restorative practices. This webinar presented by Dr. Byron McClure will help school psychologists and educators to develop an understanding of both SEL as well as restorative practices. In addition, participants of the webinar will learn how to think creatively about implementing SEL and restorative practices. Presented by Byron McClure, D.Ed., NCSP in April of 2020. This individual webinar can be purchased for $25 (scroll down to purchase). The content in this webinar is intertwined with Domain 2, 4, 6, and 8 of the NASP Practice Model.’s recorded webinars are non-refundable. Attendees who complete this 1.5-hour webinar will receive 1.5 NASP-Approved CPD credit.

Participants Will:

-Learn about the five core social emotional learning skills.
-Understand teaching strategies for each core social emotional learning skill.
-Learn which SEL programs are the most effective for youth of color. Participants will also learn how to think creatively about designing, implementing, and evolving SEL programs to fit their unique needs. 
-Receive an introduction to restorative practices and how school psychologists may use restorative practices to improve outcomes for students.

Attendee Feedback:

“This was one of the best webinars I have experienced. Everything from his delivery to the materials to the activities was outstanding! It was incredibly informative and interesting throughout.” -Tracy

“I really enjoyed the presentation and felt it was very informative. The information was presented in an easy to understand manner and I felt that I learned a lot of useful information that I can use as a school psychologist.” -Amy

“The presenter had great information and the delivered the material well. I was impressed with his relevant and useful research. He did an excellent job!” -Beatrice

“Great examples of how SEL practices can be implemented in school-based practice and at little to no cost for schools.” -Erin

“Engaging presenter with great real-life experience implementing the practices he spoke of.” -Stacey

“I enjoyed how personable the presenter was. It is refreshing to hear and see someone of color implement change and be successful at it. Thank you for the inspiration.” -Yesenia

“I really loved the examples Dr. McClure provided from his work in schools! I serve a diverse population of student in Long Beach, and I really think that the SEL programs described would be good to try out at my sites.” -Katherine

“Very knowledgeable and informative. Provided a lot of real life experiences and examples.” -Kelli

“Dr. McClure’s presentation was thoughtful and timely. His presents with confidence. I can see why students respond so well to him.” -Teresa

“Smooth delivery, good pacing, engaging content.” -Dana

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