Recognizing and Coping with Administrative Pressure to Practice Unethically

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While school psychologists are charged with promoting children’s welfare, they commonly face pressure from administrators to practice in ways that are contrary to the ethical mandates of the profession. The experience of administrative pressure to engage in unethical behavior has been shown to be a great source of stress for school psychologists and is associated with burnout, job dissatisfaction, and impaired relationships with administrators. This presentation will describe methods for managing administrative pressure, including strategies reported to be most effective by practicing school psychologists. In addition, participants will be introduced to a problem-solving model that assists with resolving ethically challenging situations in a manner consistent with legal and ethical principles. Professional resources will also be presented to assist school psychologists with upholding their commitment to advocacy. Presented by Dana Boccio, Ph.D. and released in February of 2022. This individual webinar can be purchased for $25 (scroll down to purchase). The content in this webinar is intertwined with Domain 10 of the NASP Practice Model.’s recorded webinars are non-refundable. Attendees who complete this 1.5-hour webinar will receive 1.5 NASP-Approved CPD credit.

Participants will learn:

1) Common forms of administrative pressure reported by practicing school psychologists.
2) The negative occupational health outcomes associated with experiencing administrative pressure to violate ethical mandates.
3) Effective strategies for managing administrative pressure in the schools.
4) How an ethical problem-solving model can be incorporated into decision-making to protect well-intentioned school psychologists.

Brief Bio:

Dana Boccio, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor in the School Psychology Psy.D. and M.A. Programs at Adelphi University. After receiving her Ph.D. in Clinical and School Psychology from Hofstra University in 2006, she worked as a school psychologist on Long Island, NY before transitioning into academia. Her research focuses on two areas with practical implications for the field: professional ethics and suicide risk assessment. Dr. Boccio has published articles linking the experience of administrative pressure to professional burnout and describing school psychologists’ preferred strategies for coping with pressure to practice unethically. Dr. Boccio routinely presents at national conferences on the topics of professional ethics and youth suicide and has recently published an instrument to assist school-based mental health professionals with the task of determining an adolescent’s level of suicide risk. She is a member of NASP’s Ethical and Professional Practices Board (EPPB) and has authored two Ethics Advisory Bulletins for the organization.

Attendee Feedback:

“Very thorough” -Alison

“Very clear and concise with the information presented.” -Heidi

Sarah’s Overall Rating: 5/5 (Excellent)

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