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This webinar is the first in a three-part series on Google Sheets for school psychologists.  It goes over relevant functions, formulas, data tables, and pivot tables.  The most amount of time will be spent on pivot tables. If you are unaware, no data is safe from the pivot table!  A pivot table is an extremely powerful tool to manipulate data, so it’s something every school psychologist should know about. This webinar reviews methods for collecting, organizing, and presenting data to enhance the process of effective decision making and problem-solving. This webinar provides attendees with the opportunity to practice what they’re learning during the webinar. Please be advised that there is a large amount of overlap between the content taught in Google Sheets webinars and the content taught in Microsoft Excel webinars. Presented by Tim McIvor, NCSP in August of 2018. The content in this webinar is intertwined with Domain 1 of the NASP Practice Model. This individual webinar can be purchased for $25 (scroll down to purchase).’s recorded webinars are non-refundable. Attendees who complete this 1-hour webinar will receive 1.0 NASP-Approved CPD credit.

Participants will learn:

1. Basic data collection techniques relevant to a school psychologist’s job.

2. Basic formulas to organize data.

3. Basic methods to improve visuals for enhanced data-based decision making.

Brief Bio:

Timothy McIvor, NCSP has been presenting on technology in school psychology since 2015. He is a school psychologist in the Marion County Public Schools of Florida. He was previously a school psychologist for five years in Clark County School District, Nevada. He completed his training at Northeastern University in Boston. He completed a two-year term as President of the Nevada Association of School Psychologists. He was previously nominated for NASP’s National School Psychologist of the Year award.

Attendee Feedback:

“Another fantastic webinar by Tim! I learned so much about Google Sheets that I never knew how to do before but always wished I did. I absolutely loved that I was able to follow along in real time with my own sheet, as that is the best way that I learn. It is much less complicated than I thought and I can’t wait to implement my new knowledge :)” -Nicole

“Truly the most relevant and helpful presentation on google sheets that I’ve received. It is also some of the most helpful PD I’ve gotten.” -Colleen

“The webinar provided helpful basic information and the pace was good. I appreciated the application to the profession.” -Michele

“I thought it was great. I liked the interactive nature of the presentation. I liked being able to practice on Google Sheets as the presenter presented.” -Donna

“Good pace, allowing for learners to do the steps as they were being presented, thorough explanations without “dumbing it down” too much” -Jennifer

“The provided spreadsheets were very useful in following along and practicing what was being taught. Overall, it was very helpful for learning spreadsheet basics.” -Ali

“Very direct and to the point! It is useful information. My new district loves Google Sheets so this is really helping me alot! Thank you” -Nicholas

“Pivot tables change everything! How have I never used them before? With the explanation in this webinar, I feel like I can use them confidently.” -Lauren

“Tim was very clear in his presentation. His pace was good and easy to follow.” -Brandi

“The information was well-organized and easy to understand. It was also relevant to my role as a School Psychologist.” -Summer

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