Google Docs Webinar

Google Docs Webinar

This webinar is meant for school psychologists interested in learning more about collecting, organizing, and displaying data using Google Docs to enhance the process of effective decision making and problem-solving. Content will cover Google Docs’ features that are most relevant to a school psychologist’s job, and the presentation intends to be beneficial for all school psychologists, regardless of their current skill level using Google Docs. Please be advised that there is some overlap between the content taught in this webinar and the content taught in the Microsoft Word webinar due to the similar nature of their platforms. Presented by Tim McIvor, NCSP in August of 2017, and then fully revised in October of 2018. Attendees who complete the webinar will receive 1 NASP-Approved CPD credit. This individual webinar can be purchased for $25 (scroll down to purchase).’s recorded webinars are non-refundable. The content in this webinar is intertwined with Domain 1 of the NASP Practice Model.

Participants will learn:

1. —Techniques that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of collecting, organizing, and displaying student data and information

2. To improve visuals for enhanced data-based decision making

3.—Ways to make your reports on Google Docs more readable for parents and teachers

Reviews Based on Attendee Evaluation Feedback:

Hans’ Overall Rating: 5/5 (Excellent)

Jordan’s Overall Rating: 5/5 (Excellent)

“I learned a lot of valuable information about Google docs that I didn’t know before. I knew there was a lot it could be used for that I didn’t know about, so this was very useful.” -Naomi

Paige’s Overall Rating: 5/5 (Excellent)


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