Embedding Culturally Responsive Approaches in Mental Health Interventions

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In this webinar, Dr. Janine Jones reviews essential skills that school psychologists should utilize when embedding culturally responsive approaches in mental health interventions. She emphasizes an intentional focus on the student’s characteristics, values, and cultural context when implementing evidence-based interventions. She shares practical examples of how school psychologists can integrate culturally responsive approaches when conducting interviews, counseling, collecting data, and building rapport with students and families.  She provides participants with a tool that lists questions one can ask to get a better understanding of the student and family’s sociocultural background. She gives examples of how students struggle with microaggressions, stereotype threat, and discrimination and explains what school psychologists can do to help students in these situations. She references a variety of well-established research and models from which she bases her recommendations on. Presented by Janine Jones, PhD, NCSP in November of 2022. This individual webinar can be purchased for $25 (scroll down to purchase). The content in this webinar is intertwined with Domains 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, and 8 of the NASP Practice Model. Schoolpsych.com’s recorded webinars are non-refundable. Attendees who complete this 1.75-hour webinar will receive 1.75 NASP-Approved CPD credit.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will be able to:

1.  Formulate comprehensive sociocultural histories to enhance the therapeutic alliance.

2.  Use identity affirming practices for supporting the needs of racialized and minoritized youth.

3.  Integrate cultural variables into all phases of the intervention process to improve treatment effectiveness.

Brief Bio:

Janine Jones, PhD, NCSP, is an Associate Professor in the School Psychology Program at the University of Washington.  She is a Licensed Psychologist and a Nationally Certified School Psychologist.  Her research, teaching, and clinical practice focus on culturally competent service delivery and resilience in children and adolescents from a cultural perspective.  She is the editor of The Psychology of Multiculturalism in the Schools: A primer for practice, training, and research.  For a more comprehensive bio, please Click Here.

Attendee Feedback:

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