This competition already happened on April 13th, 2024. The winner solved it in 45 seconds. See if you can beat the record!

Congratulations to Ana-Cecilia Suarez, the winner of the School Psychology Connections competition! Ana-Cecilia is an early career bilingual school psychologist practicing in Prince William County Public Schools in Virginia. Second place goes to Allison Jones (shoutout to CSU Northridge’s school psych program and Simi Valley USD), and third place goes to Kaylie Merrill (Shoutout to the APW Rebels).

Kudos to a school psych celebrity, Tiffany Lee, who placed in the top 10 (she has a great Instagram account for school psychologists: @schoolpsychtiffany and a popular YouTube channel as well). Honorable mention to Emily Evans (4th place) and Will Bovender (5th place). Will said he’s putting this accomplishment on his resume!

Ana-Cecilia solved the game, screenshotted her results, and emailed it all within 45 seconds!! She had the following to say. “Thank you so much for the opportunity! As an avid Connections fan, I was absolutely delighted when I learned about this competition (and all of the school psych connections).” Congratulations Ana-Cecilia on an outstanding job!

Thank you all for playing and hope to see you in future events! You can play other School Psychology Connections games by clicking here.

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