The Tutorials section helps review specific material learned in Schoolpsych.com’s webinars. The webinars provide the necessary background context of how various technology can be utilized to enhance one’s practice within the 10 domains of the NASP Practice Model, and these tutorials are provided supplementary to help master tech-based techniques. The tutorials reflect only a small amount of content from the webinars and should not be perceived as a replica of webinar content. The webinars provide more in-depth content and consistently include practical examples that relate directly to the role of school psychologists.



Organizing & Displaying Data Using Conditional Formatting



Collecting, Organizing, and Presenting Schoolwide Data


Organizing and Displaying Data Using Bar Graphs 

Graphing Behavioral Intervention Data

Behavior Intervention Data

Tips for Organizing Your Caseload


Linking Data Video Tutorial Series

#1) Introductory Video

#2) The Basics of Linking Excel to Word

#3) The Fundamentals of Links

#4) The Fundamentals of Scoring Assistants

#5) Basics of Excel

#6) Intermediate Excel Tutorial- VLOOKUP

#7) Generating Sentences

#8) Advanced Excel Tutorial- Building on VLOOKUP and If Statements

#9) Building A Cognitive Excel Template From Scratch – Beginner to Advanced

#10) Final Demonstration

Additional Video Tutorials

Conditional Formatting the Data

Quick Ways to Complete Paperwork

Tips for Organizing Your Caseload

Collecting, Organizing, and Presenting Schoolwide Data

Organizing and Displaying Data Using Bar Graphs 

Keyboard Shortcuts/Screenshots

Transferring Linked Documents to a Different Computer

Creating a Table on Microsoft Word

VLOOKUP For Social Emotional Assessments

Creating Graph and Linking It to Word- Direct Observation Template

How to Create State Logos for State Associations

How to Create Professional Photos for State Associations


Tips for Shortcuts and Efficiency

Excel Spreadsheet and Word Template Guidelines

The Benefits of RTI

Implementing RTI

Creating PBIS Videos


School Theme Songs

Enhancing PBIS through Photoshop

Wild Apricot

Creating Videos


Social Media

Survey Monkey

Top Reasons to Join a State Association

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