Linking Data Video Tutorial #7

Generating Sentences

This video tutorial teaches you how to generate sentences using drop down lists and excel functions.

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  1. Amy Joynt says:

    Thanks for these videos… I’m having a difficult time in particular with the drop down list as I am using Microsoft Office 2011 which doesn’t seem as user friendly. Any suggestions?

  2. Lisa says:

    Our district is pushing Google Docs and Google Sheets. Do you have a tutorial for these?! I would imagine there would be similar capabilities but function keys/shortcuts would be different. Any help with google would be fabulous!

    • timothymcivor says:

      Hi Lisa,
      That’s great that you’re using Google Docs and Google Sheets. I use it at my schools too, mostly for RTI purposes. You are correct that the functions in Excel are the same as the ones in Google Sheets, so any functions that you learn on Excel can be applied to Google Sheets. However, it’s a bit more limited in some ways. For example, you can’t link from Google Sheets to Microsoft Word. There are plenty of Youtube tutorials already posted on the basics of Google Docs and Google Sheets, but if you have questions about Google Docs specific to school psychology, I’d be happy to answer them.

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