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Free Resources for School Psychologists Initiative

On September 12th, 2022, is starting a new initiative of providing free resources to school psychologists. A new free resource will be released on every Monday for the foreseeable future. We encourage other school psychologists to participate in this initiative by sharing free resources. Resources that are shared with are not owned by We gain permission from the author of the resource before putting the resource on If you would like to contribute by sharing free resources to school psychologists, please email the resources that you’d like to share. Those who share resources in this initiative will beĀ eligible for two $100 raffles. The first raffle will take place on 11/1/22 and the second on 2/1/23.

You are encouraged to share any type of resources relevant to school psychologists including:




SEL and Counseling Tools




Overall, this initiative is meant to help create a platform for school psychologists to share resources with each other. If you have questions about this initiative or have suggestions for how this can be improved, please leave them in the comments section below!

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