4 NASP Resources for Technology

Every school psychologist knows the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) website, but you might not know the breadth of resources it offers.  As a State President, I’ve had the luxury of working closely with many NASP personnel and am extremely impressed at how much support and resources they offer school psychologists in various ways.  What’s really impressive is that most are volunteers, which pretty much makes NASP equally stand for the Nation’s All-Stars of the Profession.  Together, they put out a massive amount of resources, and here are 4 NASP resources for technology:


1. NASP Community: Computer & Technological Applications in School Psychology


This is a community page designed for school psychologists to discuss technology.  Communities in general are a highlight of NASP’s website because it allows for school psychologists across the nation to discuss a specific topic and get their questions answered.  This community is free for NASP members to join and can be found by clicking here.


2. NASP Conventions and Online-Access to Session Handouts


Although you may have been at the 2015 Annual Convention held in Orlando, you might have missed the various presentations on technology.  It goes without saying that technology presentations will be given at each NASP convention, but what you may not know is that the session handouts to the various presentations are posted on the NASP website.  You can access these from every convention you attend.  Click here to view the session handouts from this year’s convention in Orlando.  Then hit Ctrl-F (Command-F for Mac) and search “technology.”  From this convention, there are 6 session handouts that pop up when you type: technology.  Examples of titles include: “The Effectiveness Of I-Pad Technology To Enhance Reading Fluency,” “Rapid Changes in Technology: A 2-point District Level Response,” and “Using Technology to Improve Upon Classroom Behavior.”


3. NASP’s Resource Library


NASP’s Resource Library, which can be found on the menu bar of NASP’s homepage, is packed with resources on just about every topic, including technology.  For example, they have information on cyberbullying, which you can access by clicking here.  Another example is a NASP audio podcast that I conducted with the NASP Webmaster, Dan Florell, about making technology working for school psychologists.


4. NASP’s Publications


NASP’s publications such as the Communique have over 100 articles about technology by now, and each publication features a new article about technology written by Dan Florell.  All of these articles are accessible online by clicking here.  As you’ll see, they are grouped into different sections such as “Just a Click Away,” “Tech Corner,” and “Apps Review.”  In addition to the Communique, various articles of research findings have been published by the School Psychology Forum and School Psychology Review.



Which one of these resources do you find most helpful in your practice?  

By Tim McIvor


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